Lolo’s Travelblog

Yep, that’s me. Lorraine, friends and family call me “Lolo“

After I traveled to around 25 + countries I decided to create my own travel blog. Maybe a little late but better than never.

Before I start some facts:

I was born 1984 in Bielefeld/ Germany. My passion is photography, as you can see on my website – I work full-time in fashion photography. I have 2 beautiful kids(nearly grown up) and I love spending my time with family, friends and travel.

My father was born in Malaysia (1940-Taipeh) and grew up in Penang. His Parents / grandparents came from China, India, Portugal and England – that is what we know. My mum is born in Germany (Spenge-1952). So my siblings and I are a good mixture!

Mum and Dad <3

1958 Dad hitchhiked with about 100 bugs (maybe 40-50 Euro nowadays) from Malaysia to England. His stories about all the countries he visited during that journey, where more than amazing, fascinating and unbelievable!

My parents luckily met in February 1972 on carnival in Bielefeld. They felt in love, got married, had 6 children and lived together happy ever after…

…in 2018 my mum had a bad heart attack and nearly died. Now she lives with 6 stents. My dad passed away in 2021, after having a stroke. Live changed.

Our next trip ist the journey my father wanted to take my mum to, after the kids grew up. Sadly they never made it. Their last time together in Malaysia was 1995. Now he will travel with us in our hearts.