Lorraine Baker | Photographer/ High End Retoucher

was born in Germany to a Malaysian/ English father and a German mother. Already as a child Lorraine was fascinated in Photography, she loved watching her father on the Camera or helping him develop the images in the darkroom.

She mastered a further education in Photodesign and startet working as a Retoucher.

Thanks to today’s technology and social networking opportunities, Lorraine recognized the international industry. She applied for an internship with a Star Photographer in New York City and has proved her talent of Photography, Retouching and managing photoshoots. During her internship she photo documented her first story for Vogue Arabia.

Lorraine Baker took her retouching level to high-end. Her work can be seen in many publications and campaigns worldwide. She masters the craft of enhancing images in a non-intrusive and natural way. When asked about the secret to her success, she always mentions the importance of communication and understanding the needs and visions of her clients.

She currently is working as a Fashionphotographer in Germany for clients worldwide.

Celebrities Production/ Imaging – The Beach Boys, Meg Ryan, Nat Wolff, Jeffrey Wright, Wendy Williams, Daymond John, Jessica Pimentel, Daniel Brühl, Joy Corrigan, Maria Borges, Johnathan Tucker, Mädchen Amick, Georgina Bloomberg, Mike Love, Harald Glööckler, Jay Alexander, Kelly Rutherford, Christo, Michael Kelly, Joy Corrigan, Alexander Dreymond, Johnathan Heywart

Clients Photography/ Imaging – Wellendorff Gold-Creationen,Rudolf Schupp, Lilly Allessandra, Forever Young Wine, Headshots in New York, Takeo Spikes, August Gerstner Ringfabrik , Claudia Milić, Frieda Dörfer, Gellner GmbH & Co. KG, Jasmina Jovy, Oliver Schmidt, Rosetattoos by Brand Affairs International, Victor Mayer, LOEWE Logistic, Pionier Workwear, Provinzial Versicherungen, Pierre Cardin, Baldessarini, Pioneer, Otto Kern, Bugatti

Publications Photography/ Imaging – ZZink Magazin, Downtown Magazin, Resident Magazin, Traffic Magazin, Fault Magazine, Vogue Arabia, The Imaginarium, Dark Beauty Magazin, Ackermanns, Capitol File, Scorpio Jin Magazin, Pump Magazin, Sky Magazin, Marika Magazin, Vogue Germany, Vogue Runway